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Crystal Chan received a BA in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts - Music from the University of California - San Diego, focusing on sound design for theatre and film. As someone who was more interested in the effects of interactivity on design and audio, she went on to become an MFA graduate in the Interactive Media and Games Division at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. While in graduate school, she was a Songwriter for an interactive musical game, Sound Designer on a Mixed Reality Hololens experience at the Mobile and Environmental Media Lab, and Co-Project/Audio Lead of her joint thesis Space Shuttle Ascension, an investigative virtual reality game with a speech recognition mechanic. 


Crystal also worked at Survios as an Associate Audio Designer, at Stanford University's Virtual Human Interaction Lab doing Project Management and VR Development, and at Facebook as an Associate Audio Producer on the Sound Design Immersive team. While at Facebook and passionate about making VR available to everyone, she co-wrote Oculus' Designing Accessible VR documentation for developers as well as served as a lead on the FRL Education Committee. She is inspired by VR's potential to serve as a medium for a vast number of wildly different fields-- games, entertainment, education, training. Currently, she is a Scenario Production Specialist at SimX, a company creating medical VR simulation training for healthcare professionals.

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